Discovery Health

Ten reasons why you should choose Discovery Health:

1. Unequalled financial security
Discovery Health Medical Scheme enjoys an AA+ rating from independent agency, Global Credit Ratings – the only scheme in South Africa to achieve the industry ceiling for its claims paying ability.
The medical scheme has R7 billion in reserves, giving Discovery Health members complete peace of mind with sufficient funds available to pay claims.

2. A wide spectrum of plan options to meet different needs
Discovery Health offers a number of different plan options to cater for different needs, from the high end of the market through the Executive Plan, to the KeyCare series – plans for the low-income market.

3. Affordable contributions and sustainable contribution increases
Discovery Health plans are priced competitively to ensure long-term affordability and value for money. Discovery Health’s annual contribution increases are stable and their track record shows increases that are consistently lower than the industry average.

4. Extensive medical cover and support in South Africa, Africa and abroad
Most Discovery Health plans provide cover for emergency medical evacuations in Sub-Saharan Africa and for medical emergencies when travelling internationally. Discovery Health invests in healthcare infrastructure that benefits all South Africans. The Discovery Medicopters, operating from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, provide medical support and air evacuation in extreme critical cases.

5. Flexible, comprehensive cover for chronic conditions
All Discovery Health plans offer full cover for approved medicines for a defined list of chronic conditions. All Discovery Health members have access to our HIVCare, Oncology and Renal programmes.

6. Control of day-to-day medical spend with the Medical Savings Account
The Medical Savings Account empowers members to make informed choices about how much they spend on day-to-day healthcare. Unused funds get carried over to the next year – unlike traditional plans where unused cover is lost.

7. Unique benefits ensure you have access to the Healthcare you need
The Screening and Prevention Benefit covers a range of preventive healthcare services to keep members healthy. The Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit covers out-of-hospital claims for recovery after certain traumatic events. The Insured Network Benefit further extends day-to-day cover if the Medical Savings Account runs out.

8. Guaranteed full cover options for medical specialists
Discovery Health’s scale and size has allowed us to enter into payment arrangements with specialist groups to ensure certainty of cover and higher levels of reimbursement for healthcare professionals. Over 87% of interactions with specialists happen within a payment arrangement, guaranteeing no out-of-pocket payments and direct payment to specialists.

9. Access to the latest treatments, medicines and technologies
Members on Discovery Health’s Executive and Comprehensive plans have additional cover for certain innovative medical technologies and expensive medicines through the Specialised Medicine and Technology Benefit. This includes access to the Overseas Treatment Benefit that covers evidence-based treatment at a registered healthcare professional, not available in South Africa.

10. Personalised interaction and the highest level of service
Discovery Health’s call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with any queries their members may have. In the event of hospitalisation, you can expect personalised service from member liaison managers, who can assist with hospital admissions, claims and case management.

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